to this Journey with Ametou!

My Name is Mona, I´m an Austrian artist and designer.

I always knew what I wanted to do. Fashion has always been my passion. After school I went to Milan to start turning fashion into a career. As a fashion designer, Milan was a dream come true for me: radiant fabrics, glamorous models, artists and designer from all over the world. 

Unfortunately, later, in Asia, I got to know the downside:Overproduction, fast fashion, terrible conditions for factory workers, clothes that are thrown away before they’re ever worn — and enormous environmental problems related to all of this. 

For me this was a shock and a call to action. Fashion is a part of this problem but I believe it can also be a part of the solution. Fashion also means identification, it’s one of the first thing you notice about a person. We can use it to make a statement, starting every day. 

AMETOU is my labor of love.  I´m just at the beginning of this new journey,  trying to make a difference in a very complex sector. 

I create clothes that have a voice since each of the fabrics has a story. Be it fanciful Ikat fabrics or vibrant Moroccan patterns. All of these fabrics have something in common: They are created by diverse cultures in their own traditions. Every fabric is a work of art, created by artists from around the world.

We do not make new fabrics. We use existing fabrics, also called “deadstock”, to create something new, something rare – the designs reflect the rich diversity of different cultures.

The collections are coming in small patches, depends how much meters are left in stock. This means no overproduction – just unique and exclusive pieces. 

We take the statement we wear to the world. 

Join the community and wear a statement for a more connected world. 

It matters what you wear!


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