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Where Ethical Fashion Meets Women Empowerment

Saheli Women (which, in Hindi, means female friend) is a nonprofit ethical fashion social enterprise, located in the North-West of rural India. In a small village you will find a female atelier where around 70 women are creating beautiful designs and cloth. The focus is on sustainability and creating ethical fashion with a purpose. No plastic is used – only organic fabrics. 

Their mission is: „to create employment for women in ethical fashion manufacturing to derive a sustainable livelihood that benefits themselves, their families and their


The Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Development (IPHD) is the NGO linked to Saheli Women – supports the development of girl’s-education, human rights, feminism, health and livelihood. They stand for a sustainable and equitable India free from poverty. 

The women are the primary focus of the program. They are paid by fair wages, with health insurance and a safe work environment.

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Handwoven Fabrics

Ikat weaving is a complex process of various steps whereby vibrantly hand-dyed threads are handwoven into cloths.

A characteristic of ikat textiles is an apparent “blurriness” to the design. 

The blurriness is a result of the extreme difficulty the weaver has lining up the dyed yarns so that the pattern comes out perfectly in the finished cloth. 

Its origins trace back to different regions in Asia.

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